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New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning Game 5 Live NHL Play by Play Reaction + Chat

New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning Game 5 Live NHL Play by Play Reaction + Chat

This is not the game! This is my live play by play, reaction, and group chat for tonight’s game 5 between the New York Islanders and Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs
#Islanders #Lightning #NHL

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No politics, religion, or divisive talk (racism, homophobia, etc) of any kind. We are here to have fun and enjoy the stream together. Divisive talk that causes arguments will not be tolerated

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There is a strict three strike rule for violating these rules. First offense results in a warning. Second offense gets you timed out of the chat for 5 minutes. Third offense gets you banned from the channel. No exceptions.

Please follow these rules and most of all have fun. That’s what we’re here for. Have fun, enjoy the stream, enjoy the game, and please be respectful of everyone.

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