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Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Jersey Reaction | Blasty Is Back!

Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Jersey Reaction | Blasty Is Back!

After seeing the teaser photos last week for the Calgary Flames reverse retro jersey. This week I give my reaction to the Calgary Flames bringing back Blasty as part of the NHL Reverse Retro Jersey by Adidas.

After getting over the excitement of the Calgary Flames going full retro with their original jerseys coming back full-time. The Calgary Flames ultimately decided to bring back Blasty after seemingly to do away of the logo completely back in 2007.

The last season that the black jersey was an alternate was the 2005-06 season. Blasty stayed on the jersey as a shoulder patch the following season until Rebook redesigned all jerseys at the start of the 2007-08 season when Blasty was put away.

With the Calgary Flames original or retro jerseys as the primary and now having Blasty at this stage a fourth jersey. I feel the Calgary Flames have the best combination of jerseys in their franchise history.

Do eventually plan to make a ranking video of all NHL teams jerseys from home, away, alternate and yes reverse retro. Touched upon what other Calgary Flames jerseys I want in my collection.

What do you think of the Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Jersey? Are you one of those love Blasty or are you one of those that despise it? Aware it’s a polarizing jersey with hockey fans in Calgary and around the league. I think they’re better than the wrangler wordmark that the Calgary Flames wore between 2013-2016. Enough hockey fans in Calgary must of wanted it back and online there was many “Free Blasty” campaigns.

Pictures used in video belongs to their respective owners. Grabbed from Calgary Flames website and Facebook Page.

Hipsters Hopping – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

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