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[Daily Discussion Thread] Discuss offseason moves, rumors, etc. – 14 Oct 2020

[Daily Discussion Thread] Discuss offseason moves, rumors, etc. – 14 Oct 2020

Use this DAILY thread below to comment and talk about anything related to hockey, ask quick questions, or any other daily chatter.

This thread is also a hub for links to Game Day Threads, daily stats and standings, and a way to compile recent news and announcements for easy viewing.

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r/hockey stands with BLM and the fight against racism

Though it shouldn’t be a surprise with the multitude of threads from players and organizations alike filling r/hockey and compiled just down below, we did want to make it explicit that r/hockey has and will continue to fight against racism in all its forms.

We think the murder of George Floyd by the hands of police is abhorrent. We will continue to lift the voices of the hockey community that speak up against racism by ensuring their posts make it to r/hockey for those to read.

And we will continue to enforce and remove any comments or racist remarks as well as all bigotry, sexism and xenophobia.

Linked is a running catalog of all players, GMs, coaches, and organizations who have spoken up regarding the current news regarding George Floyd and the protests across the US.

Return-to-Play/Playoffs FAQs and COVID-19 News

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the hockey world. Feel free to discuss it here. If you want medical information about the disease, consult with your physician and/or relevant authorities.


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