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NHL Rumors: Re-alignment, Vegas Golden Knights, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

NHL Rumors: Re-alignment, Vegas Golden Knights, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Re-alignment requires approval and a vote

Pierre LeBrun: Re-alignment requires board approval and an NHLPA vote.

“Should note that generally speaking, re-alignment requires 2/3 approval from the Board of Governors. So that’s what is going to be required from owners to approve this season’s package deal once finalized by the NHL and NHLPA. (and again, NHLPA’s executive board will also vote).”

  • Pierre LeBrun: “I want hockey back as bad as anyone else, but let me reiterate: the Covid situation could still de-rail things. That’s the part nobody at the NHL and NHLPA are taking for granted. If not de-rail, then perhaps further delay. So yes, Jan. 13 puck drop is the plan but…”
Golden Knights looking to trade forward Max Pacioretty

TSN: With the 2020-21 NHL getting a little more clarity this week, activity between teams is starting to pick up a bit. Frank Seravalli says the Vegas Golden Knights could be looking to move forward Max Pacioretty.

“I’m told that the Vegas Golden Knights have doubled down in recent days and weeks in an attempt to try and move Max Pacioretty. He’s got three years left at $7 million a year and coming off a 32-goal shortened season. And you think back to previous in the offseason they were trying to move any number of players on their team to try and gain salary cap flexibility.

There’s no question the team is over the cap at this point. They believe they can be cap compliant by opening night but Pacioretty would go a long way in terms of getting some of that flexibility and also enable them to potentially take a run at any number of the high profile free agents that remain unsigned at this point. Like a Mike Hoffman or an Erik Haula.”

Teams still deciding on whether to release players for the World Juniors

TSN: The potential start date of January 13th influences teams’ decisions to release some players for the 2021 World Junior Championships according to Darren Dreger.

“It definitely has some influence, there’s no doubt about that. I’ll give you the example of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nick Robertson. Robertson would love to join Team USA, Team USA would love to have Robertson at the World Juniors. It’s all a basis now of timing. If Team USA has a successful tournament, assuming the tournament goes on without a hitch, and they make it to the semifinals, that takes you to January 5.

By the time Robertson gets back and he goes through the eight-day mandatory quarantine, he won’t be available to the Maple Leafs until January 14th. So, decision pending.”

Published at Wed, 09 Dec 2020 15:40:22 +0000