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NHL Notes: Updates On The 2020-21 NHL Season Could Get Going

NHL Notes: Updates On The 2020-21 NHL Season Could Get Going

Johnston updating on when the 2020-21 NHL Season could get going

Thread from Chris Johnston on WGR 550 radio this morning

WGR 550: “I think the NHL has been working on both tracks. I think the NHL is looking at a 60-game season with their last offer to the players. I can’t speak to every jurisdiction, but the Canadiens aren’t even able to open training camp.”

WGR 550: “I think that Jan. 1 date is not going to be possible for a number of reasons. That may result in these talks dragging out longer than expected.”

WGR 550: “I think the NHL could start the 2020-21 season as late as early February, but I don’t think they can go much later than that. They have a window to play with to start the year, but it’s not a big one.”

WGR 550: “The thought is that training camps could go around two weeks before the start of the season, but I think it can be trimmed down to around 10 days.; The players keep themselves in good shape, which may allow camps to be cut down a bit.”

WGR 550: “It’s possible, but unlikely that there would be no 2020-21 season. I don’t think that’s a road the league and commissioner Gary Bettman is willing to go down.”

WGR 550: “This is probably the biggest challenge of Gary Bettman’s career. He’s walking a tight rope of trying to keep the owners and players happy, while also dealing with a global pandemic.”

WGR 550: “The NHL has ruled out the complete bubble scenario like they did this summer in Canada. The preference from both the players and owners is to use their own arenas at this point. That still could change with the uptick in the spread of COVID-19.”

Sportsnet: Chris Johnston yesterday on Sportsnet 590 when asked when the season will start and if it will be a 48 or 60 game 2020-21 NHL season.

** transcription

“Well, historically you know they’ve been able to start a season around January 20th and play 48 games and still get the Cup handed out in June, and we do know at least part of the complimation here, I think that we’re probably looking at a Stanley Cup that stretches into mid-July.

So, you know there is time to get maybe even more than 48 games if they can start up in January. But, right now that’s all a big TBD there Stewy, and one thing Elliotte Friedman mentioned, we did a chat on Friday with David Amber, he’s heard some thought that this might be a shorter than normal training camp. That because a lot of the players have been skating, a lot in fact back in their own cities, and doing work at team facilities and now as part of protocol the league has put in place, that there might be a real quick shotgun start once some kind of arrangement has been made. I mean I don’t think anyone is expecting more than one or two exhibition games before this regular season begins.

So, even now it is November 30th now, and there isn’t a deal on the immediate horizon, or at least one that we are aware of, there might be some room here to start this a little sooner than maybe I was thinking once they can reach that deal.”

Published at Tue, 01 Dec 2020 16:40:32 +0000