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Megathread: Rank/Tier all the Reverse Retro Jerseys

Megathread: Rank/Tier all the Reverse Retro Jerseys

Biggest disappointment for me is Dallas. That era of jerseys with the Star outline might be my favorite jersey of all time, but the color scheme just looks terrible, doesn’t suit the design at all. The area below the star needs to be filled in with green IMO, the jersey just looks really “blah” with all of the white.

Detroit’s, Toronto’s and Winnipeg’s are probably my least favorite, Toronto to me looks like one of those $80 jersey-hoodie things, except it’s a knockoff from aliexpress where the logo is way too big.

I like the Whalers jersey but I also think they should’ve gone for a throwback to the Cup-era jerseys (really like those with the striping stuff along the bottom), especially since they just did Whalers and also they don’t really have historical significant to Carolina. With the Jets or Wild, doing a throwback to the original Jets or North Stars makes sense, but the Hurricanes doing a Whalers jersey is basically the equivalent of the Coyotes doing a Jets jersey or the Devils doing a KC Scouts jersey.

The Coyotes one is my favorite, I think it has a perfect mix of blending an old design with new colors. LA comes close for me but I don’t like their choice of logo, I love that logo and I love their 80s color scheme, but it doesn’t mix well for me. That logo looks better in black and white IMO.

Published at Mon, 16 Nov 2020 17:14:58 +0000